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E- Pin Generator

Features Of E-Pin Integrator Software:

  • Most secured payment receiving method
  • Greater flexibility for MLM members for online transaction
  • Registration of new members
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • E-Pins can be generated in a varied form using alphabets, numbers or can be alphanumeric
  • Encrypted E-Pin generator and voucher tracking facilities
  • Various MIS Reports
  • Blocking Facilities

E-Pin Generator Incorporates:

  • Usages know how information
  • E-pin Assignment
  • Available to online members
  • Scratch Cards
  • Online Request
  • We set cheque format, more professional look
  • You can put your digital signature
  • no need to write, no altering the name or the amount on your cheques , just print and sign it
  • no need to buy software or printer
  • There is a fully functional database that stores your Payees, and many more sets of data.
  • The Check printing software will help you to print cheques in your bank's format

E-Pin Generator / Prepaid Voucher

In a Multi Level Marketing Company membership or product payment is taken with the help of prepaid voucher / E-pin. E-pin is considered to be the most secured method of taking payment in a MLM Company.

We offer E-Pin Generators with separate e-pin generating facility that can generate e-pins in a random manner. The key forte of our E-Pin generator is that it is 100% Intelligible so as to make it user friendly. Customization of e-pins is possible where you can fix the size of e-pins generated and the type of e-pins. Date-wise comprehensive lifecycle details of e-pin and printing of e-pins of members is possible. You can track every e-pin generated by your E-Pin generator. E-Pins or report of e-pins can even be mailed or exported to Excel or Word.